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Health Information

Health Information


We like to share with you our view of the benefits of the ingredients used in our meals. To keep this simple and easy to digest, each ingredient shows what we believe is important leaving the other facts for you to search the web.  
Our sharing is driven by our wish to you to adopt a balanced life style starting from your eating habits. The size of your mid section reflects your life style.


Check you BMI with the formula: Weight (kg) / square of height (m).
In Japanese corporations if your BMI is not in the Healthy range of 18.5 to 23.0 you will go for "community service" at the gym.
For your easy understanding, if your height is 6ft 10in or 1.778m, then to avoid being thrown into the "Over Weight" pit, your body weight have to be kept below 72.7 kg.

Our home made 自造 Spinach & Goji noodle noo spinach    noo gogi

As YY Thong in google + said our "Home made noodle truly feels good in the mouth with the bounce on the teeth 自制麵條,爽口彈牙。正!"



 spinachVitamin K & Iron

Popeye, the sampan man's Biceps’ strength comes from Spinach.CYE5s

Spinach's abilities comes from

  • Excellent source of vitamin K for bone health
  • Its high Iron content gives it its energy & vitality enhancing ability by improving the quality of the blood.
  • Vitamin A, vitamin C, folic acid, manganese, magnesium, and vitamin B2 are also abundant.

Thus our Eatery pride Spinach Noodles have about a fifth as its ingredient.

 oatBeta-Gluten & Lignan


Oats mop up ability on Cholesterol and thus its effect on hypertension & regulating blood pressure are well known.

Some other Oats attributes that you may miss

  • Enhance immune response to disease due to its unique fiber: beta-gluten.
  • Its high content of magnesium plays key role in enzyme function, energy production, insulin secretion and our body use of glucose. All these help to prevent heart attacks and strokes by relaxing blood vessels & aiding heart muscle.
  • Its content of Lignan, help to reduce hormone-related cancers like breast, prostate and ovarian cancer. Lignan is already famous for preventing cardiovascular disease,
  • Oat also help to normalise the skin's pH giving an array of benefits for the skin.

We use to have Oat Noodle made from oats but is now not in production, instead we have Goji noodles.

 pumpkin Beta-Carotene - Powerful Antioxidant


Pumpkin has a great fresh taste. It also has great colour which we choose as the top band of our website. Though we do not feed you with its seeds, we strongly recommend you eat them as they contain Phytoestrogens; proven to lower both systolic and diastolic blood pressure to prevent hypertension.

Other benefits include

  • It promotes good vision even in dim light. It also slow down decline of retinal function in those with degenerative eye disease, retinitis pigmentosa that can lead to blindness.
  • A positive relationship exist between a diet rich in beta-carotene and the reduction of prostate cancer. Pumpkin is rich in beta – carotene which also delay aging and body degeneration.
  • The high potassium content help to reduce risk of stroke, protect against loss of muscle mass, preserve bone mineral density plus reduction in the formation of kidney stones.

Our Oishii 美味しい Pumpkin Soup served in our noodle meal is truly good for you. We believe if you have to eat, might as well eat a balanced healthy lot.

 goji Traditional Chinese Herb


Research has shown that berries help to prevent the tail or telomere of the chromosome becoming shorter which can leads to cell mutation eventually cancer.  
Chinese for centuries had advocated the taking of Goji Berries, perhaps from the same observation.

Goji Berries are a good source of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C, fiber, iron, vitamin A, zinc, antioxidants & essential amino acids.

The Carbohydrates in Goji berries are complex carbs meaning your blood sugar will raise slowly, reducing your risk of a sugar crash afterwards.

No wonder traditional Chinese herbalist use Goji Berries to treat age-related eye problems, liver, kidney ailments, diabetes, high blood pressure & fever.

We thus put Goji Berries in our Herbal Soup for our noodle meals both for its sweet taste & its health benefit.  We also have Goji noodles beside Spinach noodles.

 sea Japanese Sea Weed Diet & High Life expectancy


Sea weed are full of nutrients with rich supply of minerals such as calcium, copper, iodine, folate, magnesium and iron. They are also rich in protein, high in fibre and vitamins specifically vitamin K and folic acid, while being low in calories and fat – a great food.

Seaweeds contain a molecule known as Fucoidans responsible for impressive health benefits, contributing to life expectancy, but also to immunity and cardiovascular function.
Long life Okinawans have unfurry arteries, low cholesterol and low homocysteine (a heart-damaging chemical) levels are said to come from high intake of sea vegetables.

Some sea weed contain Alginate which strengthen gut mucus that protects the gut wall, slow down digestion and make food release its energy slowly.

High seaweed intake increases the good bacteria in the gut help pre-digestion which in turn reduce wind.

We mention Lignan, 3 times in this write up; they becomes phytoestrogens in our body to block the chemical oestrogens predisposing people to breast cancer. Sea weed is very high in Lignans.

Our Sea Weed Noodle Soup is another to order.

 bitter Charantin: Anti-Diabetic


Bitter Gourd or Bitter Melon has long been a herbal remedy for Type 2 diabetes.

It contain 3 active ingredients that do this job.  
Firstly Charantin has been confirmed to produce blood glucose-lowering effect.
This is followed by Vicine and Polypeptide-p, an insulin-like compound.
All these act to reduce blood sugar.

It also contain Lectin that reduces blood glucose concentrations by acting on peripheral tissues and suppressing appetite - similar to the effects of insulin in the brain - hypoglycemic effect.

In addition, research has shown that an extract from bitter melon can kill breast cancer cells and prevent them from growing and spreading, believe it or not.

In any way we have a Bitter Gourd Noodle Soup that gives a tinge of pleasent sophiscated bitter taste.

 fungusA Herb too good to forget


Black fungus has a chemical that inhibits blood clotting, and because heart attacks & strokes are linked to clotting, it can improve circulation; similar to other blood thinners or that of aspirin.

It has Hypoglycemic effect on obesity by lowering cholesterol and blood sugar.

According to Chinese Medicine, it has a cooling effect on the blood, promoting circulation and treating bruises (like 田七 or Chinese saying 金不换), which may be why it is used to treat haemorrhoids.

Chinese discipline says it is good for dryness in the mouth, throat and in dry cough. This is done by moistening the blood to promote circulation.

Black fungus contains the trace mineral Germanium, which has anti-viral and anti-tumor effects by energizing the body to fights off viruses.

Thus we use it in one of our 云耳Noodle Soup.

 dang Best Qi Tonic – Ginseng sub


Dang Shen invigorates the Lung-Qi to overcome shortness of breath, cough, dyspnea, weak/low voice, sweating, and easy catching colds and flu.

Invigorates the production of body fluids and nourishes the blood to overcome pale yellowish complexion and dizziness.

Eliminates dampness and edema swelling due to poor chronic kidney (nephritis) function.

Chinese also use it to treat anorexia ie prolong loss of appetite, and chronic diarrhea.

Our Herbal Noodle Soup has Dang Shen.

 tumericCurry Yellow – Powerful Curcumin Medics


Curcumin (fat soluble) is the main active ingredient in Turmeric has powerful Anti-Inflammatory multiple steps effects (against pathogens eg rheumatoid arthritis) and is a very strong Antioxidant (against free radicals).

Curcumin also boosts brain-derived Neurotrophic factor, linked to improved brain function and lower risk brain diseases such as Depression and Alzheimer’s disease.

Perhaps main benefit of Curcumin is improving the function of the endothelium, the lining of the blood vessels thus reversing our inability to regulate blood pressure, blood clotting and various other factors.

Whether high-dose of curcumin (preferably with an absorption enhancer like pepper) can help treat cancer in humans is now under study.

We will be soon pushing more curry meals with tumeric once we readdress our curry recipe.

 dong Chinese Gynecological Estrogen Regulator


Dong Quai contains vitamin B 12, folic acid, folinic acid, nicotinic acid & biotin, thus a great blood toning and nourishing tonic after any injury or surgery to replenish your red blood cells and increase blood volume.

Dong Quai has been touted as a cure for male infertility. Its Ferulic acid, an antioxidant has been shown to improve sperm quality.

Also nicknamed female ginseng because of its eases cramps and other symptoms of PMS by dilating blood vessels to increase flow during your monthly cleansing and helps replenish blood after your period has ended.

Chinese women are known for their age-defying youthfulness, and Dong Quai may be a big part of it. Dong Quai preserves your natural beauty by increasing circulation, improves complexion and aids detoxification to clear blemishes, remember 白凤丸.

Dong quai is effective on your nervious system to reduce anxiety, ombat stress and reduce the severity of mood swings. Stress can lead to cancer.

Our Herbal Noodle Soup has Dong Quai.

 cucumberCucurbitacin & Vitamin K


Cucumbers are used in traditional medicine to treat headaches. The seeds can act as a diuretic (body fluid reduction), thus externally the juice is used as an acne cream and a soothing remedy to tired & puffy eyes.

Cucumbers are excellent source of vitamins, including anti-inflammatory vitamin K, infection-fighting vitamin C, and energy-producing pantothenic acid or vitamin B5.

Like Oats it contain Lignans, bind with estrogen-related bacteria in the digestive tract, can help reduce risk of several cancers eg breast, uterus, ovarian, and prostate cancers.

Cucumbers also contain cucurbitacins known to strongly inhibit cancer cell development.

Body-beneficial minerals include bone-building manganese; as well as potassium and magnesium, both good for your heart are abundant it it too.

We use cucumbers in our dried version of Spinach noodle, 炸酱麵 to give you a very refreshing taste plus health benefit.

 ginger Century Old Digestive Relief


Ginger has a long history of use for relieving digestive problems such as nausea, loss of appetite, motion sickness and pain.

Phenolic compounds in Ginger relieve gastrointestinal irritation, stimulate saliva and bile production and suppress gastric contractions and movement of food and fluids through the GI tract.

Chewing raw ginger or drinking ginger tea is a common home remedy for nausea during cancer treatment.  I have a case of a ex-colleague who takes tonnes of ginger to keep his cancer a bay. This probably comes from it's ability to decreae inflammation.

Ginger is diaphoretic, meaning it promotes sweating, working to warm the body from within.

Ginger reduce the symptoms of Dysmenorrhea (severe pain during a menstrual cycle). It also reduce exercise induced muscle pain.

We use Ginger as a basic ingredient in many of our meals.

 ginger Century Old Digestive Tonic

Mint  香花菜 or Mentha belongs to the family Lamiaceae, estimated to have 13 to 18 species. The spicy taste and invigorating scent is used in our SS Curry to enhance the experience of Pot Fresh Hainese Curry. The Malaysian species used is shown in the image.

Besides the refreshing taste, MINT has the following attributes

  • To aid with upset stomach or indigestion for thousand of years
  • It is thought to increase bile secretion and encourage bile flow, which helps to speed and ease digestion
  • It may also support healthy cholesterol levels.



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Health Info

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