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We have many more type of drinks in our menu not shown here. 

All our drinks are truly very light to your pocket; yet we put good ingredients plus care in all its preparation. 
Try our barley, soya; there are unlike others in the market. 
Even our lowest price "Chinese Tea" is fragrance full 充分香味.

Lastly, our Tea and Coffee is comparable to any renowned outlet in Malaysia yet around RM2.00 per hot cup.
Our brand is SS Old English Breakfast Tea and SS Vintage Charcoal Roast Coffee 复古的炭烧咖啡.  

Have a cuppa with our various cakes and bread. charcoal roast coffee

The bread is served with our Coconut Egg Jam prepared in-house with Duck Eggs and Pandan leaves without any preservatives.

Enjoy your morning tea time at Yong or Yeong Eatery.


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12 December 2016



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Sep 2022: After 6 years of your undivided support especially in the hard times of Covid-19, we have reviewed this website to tidy things and to thank you again for your kind continous support.

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