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We have 2 types of self made 自制 noodles prepared "just in time" at our processing facility from genuine ingredients.  For those interested in this business, a look at our Biz Partner I page.  They are thus good for your health (see our  "Health Info" Show Case page).

  1. Spinach 菠菜 Noodles
  2. Goji 拘杞 Noodles

You will like them as they are smooth and have the right texture.  Kids will love it too, an inducement to get their quota of fiber and vege.  For extra flavor we have our famous Zha Jiang (Chinese style minced meat) from Taiwan 台湾炸酱面.

For your health consideration we serve our noodles with a variety of beneficial ingredients. Thus we have many themes to choose from: 1) Bitter Gourd, 2) Black Fungus, 3) Pumpkin, 4) Chinese Wine, 5) Mix of Chinese Herbs & 6) Goji Berry.  Read about this in our Health Info IShow Case.

 Our new menu include 1) Fresh Malaysian Hainanese curry SS 海南咖哩  2)  Chinese style spaghetti  中式意大利面  3)   SS Chee Cheong Fun  猪肠粉.   The following slides shows our wide preparations.


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13 December 2016



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