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As a tribute to Ipoh city of Malaysia, Chef Yeong Eatery being a part of the Ipoh community, have created this Heritage sites map of Ipoh Old Town section. With some added 23 nostalgic historical names eg Concubine Lane, we hope that the map can enrich your knowledge about our beloved Ipoh, Guiling of Malaysia.   guiling


Chef Yeong Eatery is however in the NEW TOWN ie cross the Kinta River.  Take a very, very short drive and you will be with us where locals prefer to avoid the tourists crowds.  

Go for it, take a Walking Tour in Old Town to visit the 23 historical sites, Enjoy!   catwalk

A word of Thanks! to google Map for making this community sharing possible.  Write up of each heritage site is availiable from Kinta Heritage Group Sdn Bhd.   15th Apr '14




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