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With our years of experience in Chef Yeong Eatery we are now ready to help partners 帮助合作伙伴 to develop small scale food outlet 食物档 using our products.  From our lnkiconShow I Case you can see what food & drinks we have done. 

Check here lnkiconQuestions & Answers to understand what we can offer to get you Start Right.

Our food processing industrial unit 食品加工设施 is produce Spinach noodles, duck egg coconut kaya, swiss rolls, cakes and bread eg Appollo buns that you can sell in your current or future outlets. 

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 As the image shows we can help you start up food outlet, you without any experience and at very low costs, yet achieve high success rate from Start Up.

  • 低资本
  • 食品加工知识 
  • 经营理知识 

Change - Owners Headache 变化 - 业主头痛

  1. 事物的味道
  2. 操作员
  3. 成本 

Questions  Q&A     What help can we provide to get you started in your food business?

Q1 Understanding how to taste food is important

  • ** Learn how to taste if you are to prepare food for others
  • Do you know where on your tongue taste salt and sweet*, 2 most important taste buds
  • Garlic & Cinnamon are two other very important taste enhancer (Not MSG)
  • Never make your food too salty, your customers can fine tune by adding Soya Soy.
  • Other flavour like Sour, Chilly Hot, Wine, Sesame Oil are addition to 2 main taste (salt & sweet)

Q2 How to check the viability of the business ROI%

  • We have our track record of performance & costs for you to build Return on Investment% for your project in your selected environment
  • We will then jointly put the ROI% on lnkicon Stress Test to see it is really true

Q3 How we help to start right in the kitchen operation?

  • We believe in developing menu with all quantities & process standardized and documented.  We don't believe in hiring experts to prepare any food or drinks.  Our SOP will train any person with right human values.
  • Process Flow is fixed for speedy operation to minimize bottle necks.
  • Buffer area are provide to meet operation surges
  • Sufficient cold storage & normal storage is provided to meet daily operations.

Q4 How we help to start right to serve a huge flow of customers?

  • In any food centers, there will be queue in orders and delivery, hence IT system must cater for this
  • In a simple one food processsing line,  only running reference ID with time stamps & customer ID will be used.  Visual and hard copy reports will be available to review the state of the queue.
  • In multi food processing lines setups, orders for each line will be printed at each line for personnel to process once an order is made.
  • In high volume enviroment, portable input device with wireless network will be used cutting queue in ordering.
  • We tailor make matching POS system to meet various shop floor environment.   lnkicon Our POS system top range is wireless with mobile input devices.
  • The POS system will analyse sales profile of the food outlet business

Q5 How we help to ensure your cash drawer has no holes (internal control against pilferage)

Whenever there is cash sales and you have to employ staff, you will have possiblity of losing cash.  Our accounting system must have Internal Control procedure.  Our objective in MBO is to create accountability from two petty cash cashiers accountable by keeping two separate records, PC-Sales & PC-Main. 

  1. PC-Sale Cashier accounts for the Cash from Sales with no authority to spend it
  2. PC-Main Cashier accounts for the Cash given to her to make petty payments

The Internal Control using the priniciple of divided checking role covers the following:

  • At the shop floor our POS system will record the daily cash sales wherein POS too has a divided checking role.
  • A person, we named PC-Sale Cashier will be responsible for the cash from Cash Sales.
  • Cash Sales will not be used for any payment, it can only be bank in or transfer to PC-Main Cashier.
  • PC-Sale Cashier will start with a inital fixed sum of buffer cash for doing cash changes.
  • PC-Main Cashier will account for the money given to her by keeping a record. 
  • Any payment must be supported by bills or signed Vouchers by receipient and finally approved by the Financial Controller. 
  • Documents supporting payment must be given a reference number written on the document & in the record for Tax Audit Tracking purposes.
  • You may consider using a tigher internal control called Imprest System for PC-Main. With this method all cash sales money in PC-Sale will be bank in.  It will start with a fixed amount called the imprest amount to start.  Once the imprest amount is about to finish, Cashier will put up a claim based on documents, the reimbursed amount will come from the Bank Account not from PC-Sale.

Q6 How we help to start right to control your acccounting?

  • The accounting system will have seamless interface with the POS 
  • The POS system will analyse sales profile of food outlet business
  • In the accounting system we emphaise management of lnkicon LHDN Tax 7 years Audit from the Tax Department

Q7 How our partnership is different from others?

  • We provide help from A to Z as you can see from the scope of this Q&A.
  • The range of help is based on lnkicon multi-disciplinary tailor made mature solutions
  • We have a industrial setup with facilities to manufacture large scale food items such as Spinach noodles, Apollo buns, coconut jam, etc

Q8 How much does it costs $ me?

  • Our costs to you will be based on actual time of work spent to help out.
  • Our philosophy is not to incur high start up costs so that good ROI% can be achieved.
  • Our reward is the satisfaction of getting you started and hope to share a bit of your new cake.  
  • Don't worry come talk to us.  Remember if you can't make money there is no go.

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